Strategic Marketing

Strategic marketing is a holistic method that includes the determination of medium and long-term goals, including the company’s products & services, capabilities, markets / customers, needs and competition, and the analysis, planning, creation and implementation & follow-up of the roadmap necessary to achieve them.

In this direction; in addition to playing an active role in determining the direction of business development, operational marketing and sales; it plays a significant role according to the structure in cooperation issues that may be inside and/or outside of the company with the principle of integrity in order to ensure high efficiency.

The content of the role generally covers the following works:

• Creation and follow-up of growth strategy and related business plans

• Market information, economic analysis, study of related business areas, etc.

• Cross-selling responsibility: intra-company, cooperation with sister companies, etc.

• Creation and management of “task force” for major projects / customers

• Creating market strategies and taking necessary actions (business models, new business ideas & solutions, customer needs & expectations, value chain analysis, “customer journey” management, new approaches, communication and messages, etc.)

• Establishing/activating strategic cooperation and partnerships that will support growth

• Serving as a competence center in marketing and sales